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European Commission has published the “2018 Consumer Markets Scoreboard”

The confidence of the Europeans citizens must still improve

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The European Commission has published the 2018 Consumer Markets Scoreboard that monitors how EU consumers rate the performance of 40 goods and services.

The reports shows that, while the overall trust in markets has followed a positive trend since 2010, only 53% of consumers trust that businesses in the services sectors comply with consumer rules. For goods, the figure is slightly higher at 59%. Consumer trust in services and goods' markets has not improved compared to the 2016 scoreboard.

Telecoms, financial services and utilities (water, gas, electricity, and postal services) remain particularly problematic areas for consumers in most EU Member States. On a positive note, the report concludes that the East-West gap in consumer trust is slowly closing. Also, services such as personal care services (hairdressers, spas), holiday accommodation and packaged holidays benefit from a high trust from consumers.

In our country, Spain ranks among the bottom three EU‑28 countries for 16 services markets, and is in the last position for 6 services markets. The best valued Spanish goods are glasses and lenses, while in the case of services, the personal care services have the best score in Spain.

Furthermore, ‘Mortgages’ are assessed least favourably in the EU‑28 (16.8 points below the market’s EU‑28 average), while ‘Electricity services’ rank 18.1 points below the market’s EU‑28 average.


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