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ECC-Spain participates in a new ECC-Net Communication Workshop about SEO positioning

The European Consumer Centers of the EU, Norway and Iceland discussed strategies in order to improve the website positioning in Internet search engines

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The European Consumer Center in Spain (ECC-Spain) has participated in a new edition of the Communication Workshop that, on an annual basis, allows the heads of the European Consumer Centers of the European Union (EU), Norway and Iceland to discuss on how to optimize communication strategies and achieve a better diffusion of its services to all European citizens.

This year, the meeting took place on October 9 and 10 in Vienna. There, the directors and communication managers of the Centers analyzed the different actions in order to improve the positioning of their web pages in the Internet search engines, especially, in Google. The aim is to try to improve the visibility of the websites of the ECC-Net network (European network that integrates the 30 Consumer Centers of the EU, Norway and Iceland).

In this sense, the European Consumer Center in Spain highlights the importance of having a good positioning of the website in the online search engines (SEO of English Search Engine Optimization).

One of the objectives of the Center is to help all consumers residing in Spain to process their claims against a company based in another country of the EU, Norway or Iceland. For this reason, the Center is working to become an institution of reference for consumers in terms of cross-border consumption between Member States of the European Union. In this way, ECC-Spain should be the first result in the searches carried out by European citizens who are trying to find a solution on the Internet to their consumption problems or who seek to resolve their doubts related to their consumer rights.

New technologies have led to a new scenario where online consumption has given rise to a new culture and digital life. In this context, the challenge that the European Center has for the coming years is to put people in contact and offer solutions to their consumption problems through the website.

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