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The European Consumer Center and Banco de España collaborate to offer a better service to the consumer

The aim is to improve the quality of service that consumers receive when they come to the European Consumer Center to request for information or submit complaints related to banking products and services.

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The European Consumer Center in Spain (CEC-Spain) and Banco de España held a meeting in which the head of the Center's office, Pilar Biesa ; and Julio Gil and Cristina Martínez of Banco de España have participated. During the meeting, the different needs of CEC-Spain were put together in order to improve the assistance that the Center offers to citizens who request information or advice related to banking products or services.

This meeting is an exceptional opportunity to continue to progress in the specialization of the CEC-Spain service. According to Pilar Biesa, "the rapprochement and collaboration between the European Center and this type of sectorial institutions are essential. Not only because they allow the exchange of experiences, but also because it is a unique opportunity to share knowledge about certain areas of consumption that, as in the case of banking, can be complex ".

Did you know that all EU citizens have the right to open a basic bank account both in their country of residence and in any other Member State? Or that for the transnational payments in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, the bank is obliged to provide clear information on any type of expenditure or applicable commission? Do you know that, once you sign a consumer credit agreement, you have 14 days to withdraw it without the need to give explanations and at no cost?

These are just some of the queries that citizens can make to CEC-Spain. In addition, consumers who habitually reside in Spain and have any problem with banking entities whose headquarters are in another EU Member State, Norway and Iceland may submit their claim through the online form available at Once the claim has been received, the European Center advisors will be responsible for evaluating if their rights as a consumer have been infringed. They will offer consumers information, legal advice and assistance in a personalized and free way.

About the European Consumer Centre

The European Consumer Centre in Spain (ECC Spain) is a project co-funded by the European Union and the Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition (AECOSAN). Forms part of the ECC-Net (European Consumer Centre-Network) formed by a total of 30 European Consumer Centres from each of the 28 Member States of the EU, Norway and Iceland.

Since their creation in 2005, each of these centres offers free personalised information, assistance and advice to national consumers who have experienced problems with transactions carried out in another country of the ECC-Net. The objective is to help citizens understand their rights as consumers and enjoy all the benefits of belonging to a single market.

But that is not all. The European Centres also contribute to improving consumer policies and legislation, thanks to close collaboration with the different national and European authorities. Our commitment: to reinforce the trust of consumers in European cross-border purchases and to defend their rights.