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Buy tickets at the official FIFA point of sale and enjoy the great international football party

FIFA and Russian authorities have warned against using unofficial tickets. Ticket transfer and resale is illegal in Russia.

  • Read our ticket tips, and make sure to have a safe and exciting World Cup.  

How do I find out if I have a valid ticket? 

Your ticket is only valid if you bought it on FIFA’s website. FIFA and Russian authorities have clearly stated that FIFA is the only official and approved trader of tickets.

I have a ticket, but I did not buy it from FIFA. What do I do? 

This ticket is not valid, and you will be denied access.

If you did not buy your ticket directly from FIFA, or bought one that you never received, you can try to submit a claim to your bank for a refund whenever you have paid it with a credit card.

Where can I buy a valid ticket? 

You can buy valid tickets on Tickets are sold on a First Come First Served basis, and the final sales phase runs until 15th July. 

I have a valid ticket, but I would like to sell it. How do I proceed? 

You may not sell, offer for sale, resell, offer at auctions, donate Tickets, act as a commercial Ticket agent for another party or otherwise transfer your Ticket in any way without the specific prior written consent of FIFA.

According to the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation No. 195-FZ dated 30 December 2001 (as amended) by the Federal Law No. 13-FZ dated 5 February 2018, it is an administrative offense to transfer or resell without FIFA's consent.

There a clearly stated rules and procedures for the reselling of tickets.

You can read more about those here.

Transfer and Resale Policy.

I have a valid ticket. What more do I need? A Visa?

In order to get access to stadiums, besides your ticket, you will need to apply for a FAN ID. The FAN ID has been introduced at the request of the Russian authorities in order to combat the sale of fake tickets.

A FAN ID is a document that all the spectators of 2018 FIFA World Cup matches must have to get access to stadiums. This documents allows you visa-free entry to Russia and free use of public transport.

The FAN ID includes Visa-free entry to Russia during the World Cup, and free use of public transport.

Infographic. All the tips to attend the World Cup