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ECC-Spain informs investors affected by the declaration of suspension of payments of Matador Prime how to claim compensations

Suspension of payments of Matador Prime Ltd.

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The European Consumer Center in Spain (ECC-Spain) informs the investor clients of Matador Prime Ltd. about the suspension of payments procedure requested by this entity in the Courts of Sofia.

As reported by the company on its website, payment of compensations to the clients of Matador Prime Ltd by the Fund will be carried out by the United Bulgarian Bank AD.

The claim for payment of compensation has to be submitted to the Fund in written form within a period of one year after the publishing of this announcement unless the failure to observe the deadline is due to any special, unforeseen circumstances.

More information about terms and procedures for submitting claims for compensation (including sample forms and declarations for legal and natural persons), clients of Matador Prime Ltd may find at, section “Payment of compensations”.

The clients of Matador Prime Ltd may submit the claim for payment of compensation at the following address: 31st “Tzar Shishman” str., 2nd floor, 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria.

About  Matador Prime LTD.

Matador Pirme is a company offering investment services to retail investors (non-professionals) authorized and supervised by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission (BFSC) and registered with the number 4101 in the registry of the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) as an entity authorized to act in our country.

About ECC-Net:

The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) comprises 30 centres in all 28 EU Member States, Iceland and Norway. All of them offer free information, advice and assistance to consumers who have problems with their cross-border transactions in another different country within the network.