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The Centres of Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway visit the European Consumer Centre in Spain

The visit to the Spanish Centre will allow sharing information, invigorating the claims and promoting future projects

Transporte Aéreo y Viajes Combinados

The Director of the European Consumer Centre of Denmark, Lars Arent; the Director of the European Centre of Holland, Eva Calvelo and the Director of the Norwegian Centre, Ragnar Wiik, have traveled to Spain accompanied by different members of their teams in order to visit the European Consumer Center in our country (ECC-Spain). During the whole day, the European representatives have visited the facilities of CEC-Spain and have participated in different work sessions to better understand the idiosyncrasy of each Centre.

The visit, which began in the early morning, was inaugurated with an institutional presentation of each Centre and served to meet the new Spanish team which -since September- is providing its services to consumers who usually reside in Spain and want to claim companies based in another member state of the EU, Norway or Iceland.

Next, they went into detail about how each European Center manages the claims related to consumers and companies of Denmark, Spain, Holland and Norway; especially those that refer to the sectors that compile the greatest number of incidents such as those referred to the air transport sector, car rental or online fraud. To reach this goal, different collaboration formulas were analyzed in order to optimise procedures. Likewise, the priorities of the centers were also analysed and it was agreed to continue working to deepen the specialization of the processes.

During the afternoon session, new projects of ECC-Net (the network of European Centres) were discussed and they will be also discussed soon in a joint meeting of all the centers. Among other topics, the end of the geoblocking, the functioning of the ODR platform (Online Dispute Resolution); a tool developed by the European Commission whose purpose is to help consumers and companies to solve disputes related to purchases of products and services contracted online and in which CEC-Spain has been designated as a the contact point in our country.

The visit of the other three centers has allowed to put in common the work developed from each country in relation to this platform. In the same way, views were exchanged about the institutions that are expected to be designated as contact points for information on Geoblocking.

Finally, the Norwegian Director presented two news tools. One to calculate the reimbursements and compensation to which air passengers are entitled in case of denied boarding, cancellation or delay of the flight and another tool for credit card users.

About the European Consumer Centre

The European Consumer Centre in Spain (ECC Spain) is a project co-funded by the European Union and the Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition (AECOSAN). Forms part of the ECC-Net (European Consumer Centre-Network) formed by a total of 30 European Consumer Centres from each of the 28 Member States of the EU, Norway and Iceland.

Since their creation in 2005, each of these centres offers free personalised information, assistance and advice to national consumers who have experienced problems with transactions carried out in another country of the ECC-Net. The objective is to help citizens understand their rights as consumers and enjoy all the benefits of belonging to a single market.

But that is not all. The European Centres also contribute to improving consumer policies and legislation, thanks to close collaboration with the different national and European authorities. Our commitment: to reinforce the trust of consumers in European cross-border purchases and to defend their rights.